Storck Bicycle

Even Storck had already announced its new for 2012, of which we had already reported. At Eurobike officially debuted the new Mtb Rebel Six and Rebel Nine. The first has 26 inch wheels, the second by 29 inches. The frame is carbon fiber monocoque weighing about 1050 grams for the 26er version and about 1150 grams in the 29er version. All new frame weighs 1070 grams from Absolutist in size 57, more rigid and lighter than the previous model, the bottom bracket has a press-fit and carbon fiber dropouts. Also new is the fork from 340 grams. Another new model Scentron, which reproduces the shapes of the new Absolutis, but thanks to the use of a different carbon has a more competitive price. The rest of the Storck range remains unchanged and receive updates of the classic graphics and components. The photo gallery of the new bike is online.

Yet two other new bikes coming from Storck bikes for 2012, this time dedicated to the road.

2012 Storck Absolutist: the new bike Storck Absolutist 2012, has nothing in common with the previous model Absolutist. All new frame, always monocoque high modulus carbon, but now lighter and the weight of 1070 grams in size 57. The largest increase is in the reduction of weight, but in the increased stiffness that promises a dramatic increase in overall performance. New bottom bracket-type press-fit and 86 mm wide, yet the new rear triangle with carbon fiber dropouts and a large section of pipe. Confirmed the tapered headset, but the new fork, lighter (340 grams its weight), but also more rigid than the last. The new frame should be priced around 2000 Euro.

Storck Scentron 2012: unpublished Storck Scentron the bike, takes the forms of the new Absolutis 2012, but with a different type of carbon and a different fork. The weight goes up slightly, on the other hand decreases the cost of the frame kit that will be sold at about 1600 Euro. The bike will be compatible only with the two groups Shimano Di2 Dura Ace and Ultegra.