Specialized Roubaix 2020 vs Trek Domane 2020 which is the best

 specialized roubaix weight

Specialized Roubaix 2020 and Trek Domane 2020 are two of the biggest 2020 news bikes, let's see which one is the best.

In terms of ride comfort, the system developed by Specialized is better than the Trek, even if it is simpler and less "mangy" in the long run.

The Specialzied suspension fork is great for comfort, but it's a nice complication.

Weights are high for both, they are not bikes for hard climb.

The performances are aligned, but slightly in favor of Trek.

Prices are high for both.

In the end two similar bikes, my opinion is for Trek, simpler, with fewer problems and with a wide choice of assemblies, just lighter and with better overall performance than Specialized.



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