Specialized Roubaix 2020 road test review

 specialized roubaix weight

If you need a test or a review of the Specialized Roubaix, then you better read another. There are thousands of tests that can justify your choice (already made ...).

If instead you want a true analysis then:

Here you can read my opinion on the bike

Here you can read the defects I detected

Here you can read the mechanical problems

Here you can read our report card

As always without many hairs on the tongue.

That then the valid bike, with a good ride comfort, driving safety and also a good comfort, is not a mystery.

That it is not a light bike is established, as I have already described its maintenance, reliability and also my doubts about its geometry.

I also expressed my clear and undoubted position on the value for money and on its list price.

It's a nice bike but too expensive, if it wasn't called Specialized nobody would notice it, and then if the top range is ok, what about the other models? Even heavier, equally expensive, you buy the brand, first of all, then the bike, which is always the excellent model we know.

Also easy to sell used at a good price ...

The top range is unnecessarily full of electronics, what's the use? Certainly not to go fast ...

A nice bike, safe, easy to drive, comfortable, but you pay everything dearly, for me too.


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