Pinarello is pleased to present the new Dogma FS; the first electronic full suspended road bike

Four years ago, Pinarello launched the Dogma K8s, presenting the first ultralight suspension system for a road bike (DSS 1.0, Dogma Suspension System), together with carbon fibre flexible rear stays.

Two years later, during the Monuments races, Pinarello in collaboration with HiRide, introduced the new eDSS 2.0 (Electronic Dogma Suspension System), the first smart suspension for road bikes, immediately tested by Team SKY riders.

It’s now time for a new step, with the introduction of the front electronic suspension!

The idea behind this revolutionary bike is to guarantee the unbeatable Pinarello handling and racing performance even on rough terrain. DSAS self-adapt the frame stiffness by means of its electronic front and rear suspensions to maximize the bike stability. DSAS is able to adapt the suspension behaviour on each type of ground, automatically locking or unlocking it, ensuring maximum performance and stiffness on smooth tarmac and optimum comfort on bumpy and rough roads.

DOGMA FS frame features

The fork has been completely redesigned in order to guarantee the integration with the electronic front suspension. Fork rake has been slightly reduced to ensure the best force transmission.

The head tube is wider to integrate the DSAS electronic front suspension. It is shorter in order to guarantee 20mm of suspension travel and it has been reinforced to support the stresses coming from the rough terrain and the upper bearing is moved up to 1’ ¼.

Flex Stays technology

The innovative frame of Dogma FS assembling the suspension in place of the monostay, has no rigid constrain between seatstays and seat tube, and thus allows greater vertical deflections of the chainstays. The chainstays of Dogma FS are therefore designed to allow almost 10 mm of vertical deflection, and, at the same time, to guarantee enough torsional stiffness of the rear triangle.


Front Suspension

The core of the vibration absorption is a metal coil spring. The damping is provided by a hydraulic system that also allows the suspension to change electronically its state from unlock status, fully able to move along its travel, to lock, completely firm to allow best stiffness and power transmission on flat asphalt.

Rear Suspension

The core of the vibration absorption is an elastomer. The rear suspension implements an electro-hydraulic system which is able to switch the suspension state from unlock status, fully able to move along its travel, to lock, completely firm to allow best stiffness and power transmission on flat asphalt.

Smart Battery Pack

It is equipped with a CPU that run the suspension control algorithms. It is able to collect data from gyroscopes and accelerometers to distinguish the road condition and change the state of the suspension itself.

Rider Interface

This component allows the rider to control the system status through the led, switch between manual mode and automatic mode, change action threshold or change between lock and unlock in manual mode.


DSAS system is able to absorb in average 42% of the vibration coming from the ground that directly means an increase in comfort and bike stability.

Performance-wise, DSAS is able to improve the bike speed on rough terrain!

This because of the increased traction and stability that overall means a more efficient bike.

Measurements got from a comparison between a traditional bike and the DOGMA FS on the Carrefour

de l’Arbre cobbles shows that the rider with Dogma FS was able to gain 15 seconds in 2 Km of cobbles against a rigid road bike!


Carbon Torayca T1100 1K Dream Carbon with Nanoalloy Technology

Asymmetric Frame

Fork ONDA with ForkFlap™

Think2 System with E-Link™

ICR™ Internal Cable Routing

Drop in Bearing System 1” 1/4 - 1”1/2

Italian thread BB

Seatclamp TripleForce

3XAir™ two positions available for the second bottle

Dogma Smart Adaptive System

FlatBack Profile

Max Tyre 700x28mm

4 sizes available: 530, 550, 560, 575




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