Orbea presents the new Wild. An ebike with a specific geometry for this category, a Bosch Performance CX motor, internal battery and compatible with both 27.5+ and 29” wheels.

The new Wild, Orbea's new electric model equipped with a Shimano e8000 motor that gives you back control over your outings and awakens your wild side.


I reply to all those who ask me in private many personal considerations on bikes that I personally test, unfortunately you are many (thanks!) and I can not answer at all. Fortunately, you do all the same questions .... To which I gladly reply:
I would buy this bike and why?
Yes, it is well made and very fun and easy to drive
Defects? Basically none, I would have preferred a smaller mix of Shimano components
What would you change? nothing
What upgrades would you do? For me nothing, the bike is fine as well, maybe the tires
Is it suits Gran Fondo? Certainly yes.
Is it suitable for uphill? Of course, to be a full weighs little and goes very well in the most difficult climbs.
Its performance is competitive? Certainly yes.
What alternatives are there to this model? Alternatives are always endless, here a list of a few direct competitors:
Cannondale Scalpel
Bianchi Methanol FS
Wilier 901

What is the main advantage of Orbea compared to direct competitors? The quality/price ratio
I want the bike with the best price/performance ratio, is Orbea okay? Of course.




The new Orbea OIZ 2015 frame was completely revised from the previous OIZ and is now available in two different versions, with wheels 29er and 27.5er: Small, Medium and Large for wheels 27.5; Medium, Large and Extra-Large for 29 wheels.