The Gierciotti range of racing bikes expands in 2019 with a completely new model called Italo. A frame with a new geometry and a different stratification of the carbon fiber.

Italo's goal is to combine competitive weight with high ride comfort and great ease of driving.

Unlike other "Endurance" products, the absorption of vibrations and blows was achieved through a dedicated geometry and a specific design of the frame. There are no inserts, moving parts or anything else, with the philosophy "the one that does not exist does not break" ...

On the other hand reliability in the long run is one of the strengths of Guerciotti bicycles, and even for this model Guerciotti did not want to give up creating a frame that was firstly long-lived.

With a weight of a few grammes higher than kg, it is clear that reliability has not gone to the detriment of performance, on a bicycle, among other things, which has a list price well below all direct competitors.

Series of differentiated steering and internal passage of cables are obviously present, in a frame that has a high steering tube, a short horizontal tube, a dedicated and specific fork to absorb the vibrations, a rear triangle designed to absorb vertical blows.

Everything has been thought of and on the other hand, the tests carried out by the Polish CCC team, on the tortured internal roads of Poland, have produced very positive results.

The frame is also compatible with mechanical and electronic assemblies.

Available in three colors with Shimano 105 or Ultegra assembly, with Deda Acciai components, Vision wheels and Prologo saddle; good assembly and good quality, but the frame deserves a nice Dura Ace ...

It is still available as a frame kit and today is an excellent alternative to the most famous brands in the sector.


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