What does one of world’s most famous freeride mountain bikers dream of?

Is there anything at all for somebody who rides the best bikes on the most fascinating trails in the world? For somebody who has had a Whistler trail named after him? Richie Schley takes you to the Dolomites – along with the new ROTWILD E-Downhill bike R.G+ FS and tries to answer those questions.

For the first time, ROTWILD presents a highly capable 200mm downhill chassis with a Brose engine and an Integrated Power Unit developed by ADP Engineering – a bike that offers more possibilities.

In his new video, Richie is going to show you, what kind of trails you can conquer with the new R.G+ and which possibilities it offers on top. “Make my R.G1 climb with ease, please!” …we won’t reveal any more, just have a look for yourself and get inspired by the amazing possibilities of our latest generation E-Bikes.

Please mind the media embargo for this press release and the video until 17th of November, 3pm CET!

About the R.G+ FS

For all those shuttle or gondola riders, bike pushers and everybody else who is seeking for demanding downhill rides, ROTWILD now introduces a new possibility.

Forgot your lift ticket at the hotel? Your buddy with the transporter has no time to shuttle you all day?

Don’t worry, just go and leave the whole organizational work behind you.

Specifically designed to meet the requirements of a 200 mm travel big bike, the new R.G+ combines the best downhill performance with the easiest uphill riding. Our IPU, exclusively developed by ROTWILD, a powerful Brose motor and the high-performance battery are completely integrated into the frame. The result is a full-on downhill chassis with the additional plus of an integrated electric motor for the first time.