Racing Green EXPLORO retails or €4200/$4500

When the first generation of the 3T Exploro was introduced, most people frowned. Why does a gravel bike need to be aero? Many awards, rave reviews, a Dirty Kanza win and thousands of happy customers later, those frowns have turned into smiles. Aero makes sense when you ride on exposed gravel roads into a fail force headwind, or when you mount road wheels on your Exploro to ride with your roadie friends. And since the Exploro gives up nothing in off-road capability, the aero benefits really are a win-win.

Today 3T introduces the Limited Edition Exploro Team Force in Racing Green, which in color and spec epitomizes why the Exploro is such a success:

Racing Green - we could not have come up with a better name ourselves. Racing stands for the racing success the Exploro has had in gravel and allroad events, and for the ability to use the Exploro as a full-fledged road bike. The Green symbolizes the “middle-of-nowhere” destinations that so many of our customers choose for their bikepacking trips.

The spec is simple, efficient, fast & durable. While there are many ways to spec an Exploro (especially the choice between 700c road, 700c gravel, 650b RoadPlus or 650b MTB tires is a tough one), the Exploro Team Force Green comes ready for anything:

Force 1 drivetrain for easy, dependable shifting & braking.

650b Discus Plus Pro wheels that are bombproof and use wide rims for extra cornering stability, on- and off-road.

WTB Byway tires that combine a road tread in the center with knobs on the side for extra bite on tougher terrain.

3T cockpit, WTB saddle and assorted parts complete the build.

The Exploro Team Force Green is available in limited quantities now for Euro 4200 / USD 4500. for more information, visit

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