A complete product for the effective reintegration of minerals and carbohydrates

The Company

+Watt was established in 1997. The founders and current owners are Marco Favaron and Guido Vantini, reached this milestone by pharmaceutical research: both graduates with relevant experience in prestigious research institutes in Milan, in the United States, Switzerland and then in primary pharmaceutical companies.

The curriculum vitae of Marco and Guido is also found in the philosophy of production + Watt, where the materials of the highest quality and each product should see the light only on the basis of scientific research bases.

Products + Watt

The range + Watt is comprehensive and wide, suitable for all sports and special needs that may go by increases in muscle mass, energy recovery, reduction of fat, etc. Among the supplements salts addition to product testing, Sali + Performance, are Maltodestrine + integrator maltodextrins and minerals, salts + Pocket Minerals, integrator of carbohydrates and minerals. Always interesting, then, the product line Minerals: Mineral + integrator in tablets of mineral salts dissolved in water.

The product on test: Sali + Performance

Sali + Performance is a very complete food supplement based on carbohydrates (maltodextrins and fructose), minerals (magnesium and potassium), vitamin C, vitamin B6, amino acids, carnitine, choline, caffeine, coenzyme Q10. The maltodextrins and fructose make energy integration, easy and fast which does not significantly alter the glycemic value. The addition of vitamin B6 facilitates the sugar use (glycogen) in muscle, improves the energy use of amino acids and fat in muscle, promoting the synthesis of carnitine. Vitamin C was added in place as an important antioxidant action. Magnesium and potassium, which are lost by sweating, were introduced in concentrations considered optimal for their full reintegration. The branched aminoacid were introduced to support the sustained efforts to improve the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates. Caffeine and coenzyme Q10, have always been introduced to increase the metabolic rate, metabolism of fat and reduce the sense of fatigue. It has created a product, then, that was not just an minerals integrator, but a real food supplement suitable for long-term efforts in the presence of high sweats. According + Watt these are the benefits of taking this product:
1) improving the provision of physical strength;
2) energy-balanced salt during intense exercise and prolonged;
3) restore muscle glycogen reserves before, during and after training and competition;
4) prevents the state of energy-shortage saline due to profuse sweating;
5) prevents fatigue, weakness, muscle pain and cramps that occur for energy imbalances and saline water-fiber muscle during exercise.
Sali + Performance is located in the lemon and orange flavours in packs of 500 grams.
media analysis for ------100 gr------------------- analysis for 40 gr (1 dose)**
energy value--------------347 kcal (1475 kJ)----139 kcal (590 kJ)
protein------------------0 gr----------------------0 gr
carbohydrates -------------86.8 gr------------------34,7 gr
maltodextrins-----------------76,8 gr------------------30,7 gr
fructose -----------------10 gr---------------------4 gr
fat ---------------------0 gr----------------------0 gr
sodioum----------------------500 mg------------------200 mg
vitamin B6--------------2,5 mg-------------------1 mg (50% RDA*)
vitamin C----------------150 mg------------------60 mg (100% RDA*)
magnesium------------------125 mg------------------50 mg (16,5% RDA*)
potassium--------------------250 mg------------------100 mg
clorides----------------------591 mg------------------236 mg
L-tyrosine-------------------1 gr----------------------0,4 gr
L-glycine--------------------1 gr----------------------0,4 gr
Carnitine--------------------500 mg------------------200 mg
Colina------------------------617 mg------------------247 mg
coenzyme Q10---------------25 mg-------------------10 mg
caffeina-----------------------300 mg------------------120 mg
*RDA: recommended daily dose ** 0.5 lt of beverage

The methodology of the test

To assess the extent possible and with due caution, the effectiveness of this supplement we used, as always, instrumentation Polar CS 600 Power. We have conducted a series of training sessions with several athletes who have done the same workout by alternating cycles of integration with only water than with the product Sali + Performance. The CS 600 Power has allowed us to ensure that every athlete to play the same amount of work during the test and above all that the workload during the integration with the only water was equal to that with the integration with the product + Watt. All athletes were presented, as far as possible, for training after a similar power, as all were subjected to the same diet, and an equal distance from the meal. The test consisted of an initial phase of warming, and a ceiling test, which is identified as the maximum power developed by the athlete, then consisting of a training ride with a heart rate corresponding to the anaerobic threshold and power as possible constant. Then a new set of test limits, which were carried out after 1 hour, 2 hours and 3 hours of training. All athletes have made this protocol on different days with both the integrator + Watt that ingesting plain water. The route, of course, was the same for all, a flat ring to a homogeneous development of the test, and the same time and weather conditions of training, the same clothes, the uniform of the team, so as to minimize the differences due to a greater or lesser sweating due to the different clothes. It was then calculated the difference in performance between the training conducted by Sali + Performance and without. The first test indicates that the ceiling is the maximum athletes power expressed that day, the next show that the decay of performance over time. The lower decay of the benefits in reference to an individual athlete, the greater the effectiveness of + Watt. Indeed, we must not forget that the decay of performance over time is directly depending on the athletic ability of the rider, but at the same rider, preparation, environmental conditions and stress, in the aerobic zone, the decay depends on the reduction Energy stocks, which can be reduced slowed with proper diet. In the test, once the athletes have virtually no power, when they use water, a second time were fed properly. Should be stressed, and stress that the test, though carried out in a scientific and careful, may not deliver absolute and comparable with previous tests, because different environmental conditions and the testers.

The results of the test

This is the result of the test: the first value, for all 100, indicates the maximum power developed from the athlete, which was reduced to 100%, other data show the athlete's power expressed in subsequent tests, always brought in terms of %.

Test with Sali + Performance

Athlete-------Start------- 1h-------------2h---------------3h

Test water

Athlete-------Start------- 1h-------------2h---------------3h

Comments test

The test has revealed, as in previous cases, the validity of the product. It is clear that the good weather conditions, with very low temperatures, have in part helped athletes when tested with only water. In fact, with good nutrition "pre tender" and not excessive sweating have, however, a well-contained, even without a specific integrator. However, although they were used to make cycling more than three hours of training, all accused have a clear drop in performance, which would have been even higher and fast with high temperatures and it none of them could continue training with rhythms incurred. So if after an hour of training the differences are still minimal, but nevertheless important to achieve good performance, then the gap is accentuated with the passage of time. The athlete 2 is the one that drew less benefit from the use of Sali+ Performance, but also one that had the lowest sweating and, more importantly, what has become less liquid of all. In fact a feature of this product is that, next to a pleasant taste, always leaves a great sensation of being hydrated enough, unlike other products that encourage drinking all the time. The athlete 2 was less methodical in taking the drink and not feeling the incentive drinking took very little product. This feature, however, was much appreciated by the other athletes that feel the need not have been properly hydrated with a moderate intake of fluid, but consistent throughout the test. Excluding the athlete 2 who has not found particular benefits from this and other supplements, the other two have judged favorably, because it leaves the palate without the sweet taste of other products that encourage drinking without apparent benefit in the drink, and because other idrosalini integrators classic allows better reintegration energy expenditure during training, with the ability to maintain a longer performance. The intake of minerals was considered good for everyone and no one has suffered from cramps, but this test was facilitated by the previously mentioned cold climate. The addition of caffeine, a stimulant, will certainly effects on metabolism, but its action was not felt in a sensitive way to any of the athletes. Highlight that this is, in all cases of impressions received by athletes and non-scientific surveys. Finally, we noted how the drink is easily assimilated so that its intake from about 30 minutes before the test or the beginning of that did not lead to variations of the results, a sign that the correct percentage by which the product is formulated allow rapid assimilation of the active ingredients. Is still preferable, as shown by the sensation of athletes to start taking the drink before the workout (20-30 minutes), so as to ensure that the recruitment of training at all principles of the drink is already active and continuing engagement with regular and continuing throughout the workout, even without a specific stimulus of thirst, which showed how the athlete number 2, it is said that even comes in the face of a necessity Integration salt or energy.

Considerations on the product

As powder is good to weigh the quantity before mix it with water. That is why it is always better to use a balance, rather than rely on the practical, but not very precise in measuring equipment. For the rest it is a valuable product without obvious defects. You need only consider that it is not an integrator, which calls for a drink, so "distracted" will do well to remember.


Sali+ Performance has found a very good, with a truly complete and valid, judged by all the testers. It has a pleasant taste that always leaves a pleasant feeling of being hydrated enough, but above all allows an effective integration of salts and carbohydrates, allowing you to maintain a high performance long. Having a very complex formulation can not judge the validity of every principle that the product (see caffeine), but all have found general Sali + Performance truly effective and superior to other products, especially on long distance. Evidently the different active ingredients that make up the integrator must play a key role in this and Sali + Performance differs from others with simpler formulations. Regarding this aspect, however, it should be noted that the differences that we noted with the test are minimal, and more are found in the opinions of the testers, who did not know the composition and the product name. Finally, a product that proposes to be one of the best saline water supplements on the market, with effective formulation can exert a real integration of carbohydrates and salt, but the adoption of which should always be first tested thoroughly before its use in race.

The price

Sali+ Performance has a price of 15 Euros in pack of 500 grams. A good price considering the benefits.

Is suitable for

For the effectiveness emphasized is a product suitable for all cyclists.

Positive aspects

Formulating comprehensive and balanced
Sense of hydration after taking

Negative aspects

Calls not to drink

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