A complete gel, easily assimilated and effective

Stargel+ is a classic sugar gel that differs from others products for the addition of caffeine, HBM and beta-analine. The amount of simple and complex carbohydrates (dextrose, fructose, maltodextrin and Vitargo) is that it does not affect blood sugar levels, even after several assumptions and does not induce reactive hypoglycemia during physical performance. The amount of carbohydrates and their composition is such as to provide energy from several minutes to a couple of hours after dosing. Caffeine plays a tonic/stimulant, whereas beta-alanine, contributing to the production of carnosine, has a function of inhibition of the effects of lactic acid, HMB, however, can prevent or reduce muscle damage associated with an intense and prolonged effort, improves the performance of endurance and physical recovery. For its parts, then, Stargel+, is likely to be used just before the athletic performance during the service itself and to its conclusion. It 'available in doses of 50 grams blood orange taste.

These ingredients with which it is conducted:

Water, maltodextrin, fructose, dextrose, Vitargo (complex carbohydrates, glucose polymers with high molecular weight), thickener: carboxymethylcellulose (E466), antioxidant: citric acid (E330), caffeine, beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate Calcium (HMB), beta-alanine, flavoring, preservative: sorbic acid (E200).

Average analysis per 100g (2 packs)

Calories 210 kcal (890 kJ)
Protein 0 g
Carbohydrates 52.3 g
Vitargo 3.4 g
Maltodextrin 16.3 g
Fructose 16.3 g
Dextrose 16.3 g
Fat 0 g
Caffeine 120 mg
HMB 120 mg
Beta-Alanine 120 mg

The road test

The Stargel+ comes in a gel fairly liquid and stable at different temperatures. The shape of the package can be opened easily and its particular closure can not consume all the product at once and to store the pack in the back pocket of the mesh without danger that the product comes out of the box. Tested by many athletes, who did not know the name of the product and its composition, was the pleasant taste, not particularly sweet. This distinguishes it from other sugar gel, usually very sweet on the palate and then forced to drink plenty of water. In the case of Stargel+, this does not happen, because, though still not palatable mouth feel of high sugar, which then leads to drink plenty of water. In comparison with other gel sugar assimilation was not only more tolerable to all the athletes, but very rapid in its action. Athletes, once reached a threshold of a sugar shortage, were able to return to good levels of athletic effectiveness quickly, after a few minutes (maximum 10 minutes), positive expectation should not be underestimated. Then Stargel +, has received a favourable opinion as gel sugar to be taken before and during athletic performance of the same type of performance, for its ease of assimilation and rapid efficacy. More difficult, however, is to assess the effectiveness of other components that are unique to this product. Used as a product to replenish the energy spheres during athletic performance, showed his talents in favour of tolerability and assimilation, but it was not possible to clarify unequivocally positive action to ease and faster recovery of the same. In practice with Stargel+, taken after the athletic performance, you should have recovered more quickly and efficiently, but this has not disclosed so clear and unambiguous. Some athletes have found benefit in that others have not felt any difference compared to other free products, for example, HMB. In all cases the performance of athletes subject to testing have shown tangible improvements, with or without Stargel+. This could mean that although a good product as food after the race, its composition, extremely good in theory and principles of food, so overriding is not involved in the recovery process and that if changes, positive, there are these entities are that will not be detected except by further studies. Other hand, the discourse on improving athletic performance and duration. In this case, actually, the majority of athletes have found benefit in taking the Stargel+, showing a better ability to maintain athletic performance for a longer high. Though differences were detected minimum every athlete is able to improve their performance using it as a supplement Stargel+ in endurance performance. In this case it is difficult to say whether this is attributable to HMB, caffeine, or beta-alanine, or the easy assimilation of the product which has released a larger amount of energy compared to other gel sugar. Certainly the complete and correct composition, allows to the Stargel+ an easy assimilation of the product and a fast and easy use of dietary principles, so more food than a single principle seems to be effective the complete formula used in its entirety. In conclusion, all athletes have found benefit from the use of the product is taken before the athletic performance during the athletic performance itself. Its rapid assimilation can feel the positive benefits even after 10 minutes of its assimilation with an energy efficient and sensitive. Though effective as food after the race, does not seem to do so superior to other products or at least in our test data did not reveal tangible support such an analysis. Effective in its ability to allow the athlete to express at high levels for a long time. In conclusion excellent gel sugar, very complete and well formulated, suitable for carrying athletes long intense workouts and competitions, where the best shows its effectiveness and may exceed the classical gel sugar hitherto known. The price is in line with the value of the product.

Positive aspects

Overall effectiveness
Uptake rates
Complete formulation
Efficacy tests of long duration
Great input of energy

Negative aspects


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