+Watt Pro50+ is a high-protein bar (33%) covered in milk chocolate.

Pro50+ is rich in proteins and soybean milk with high biological value and carbohydrates with a average digestibility. Therefore is recommend taking before (one hour) and immediately after intense physical exertion, but not during. After the effort, Pro50+ supports the recovery in energy reserves and re-establish muscle plastics. The bar also lends itself to replace a light meal in the day because of its balanced content of carbohydrates and protein. The low fat, makes the protein bars as Pro50+ suitable for low-calorie diets for calorie controlled revenue, the loss of body fat. The nutrient profile of the bar, making fit/compatible in the zone diet (2 blocks).

When: before training (at least 40-60 minutes) or after intense efforts.

Way of taking and dosage: Take a bar before and after physical activity.

Packaging: box of 24 bars x 50 g each.

Flavors: white chocolate, hazelnut.

Nutritional Analysis Information media for 100 g-1 bar (50 g) energetic value: 411 kcal (1720 kJ)-205 kcal (860.39 kJ) Protein: 33 g-16.5 g Carbs: 22.5 g 45 g fat: 11 g-5.5 g Fiber: 5 g-2.5 g.

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