A magnesium supplement that has proven its useful in the intensive efforts and with the higher temperatures to prevent cramps, fatigue and improve muscle contraction


Company + Watts was established in 1997. The founders and current owners are Marco Favaron and Guido Vantini, reached this milestone by pharmaceutical research: both graduates with significant experience in prestigious research institutes in Milan, the United States, Switzerland and then in leading pharmaceutical companies. The professional curriculum of Mark and Guido is also found in the philosophy of production + W, where start from the highest quality materials and each product should see the light on only sound basis of scientific research.

Products + Watt

+ Watt range is complete and wide, suitable for all sports and to any special needs that may go by the increase in muscle mass, energy recovery, reduction of fat, etc.. The range of products to combat the cramps is composed of Fluid Mag, magnesium-based liquid supplement; then magnesium in capsules, vegetable glycerol, and the most common and widespread iodized salt.

Magnesium in human nutrition and sports

Magnesium is an important mineral for the human being as it is capable of activating hundreds of enzymes in the human body, magnesium-dependent enzymes called, which controls the nerve activity, muscle, cardiac, vascular and metabolic action. Just to confirm the importance of magnesium in being alive indicate that the same function performed by ATP (the most important energy molecule) and magnesium-dependent. Foods, both plant and animal nature, the quantity of magnesium range from 200 to 300 mg per kg. The amount of magnesium in the human mind is usually about 30-40g, with 60-70% found in bone, whereas serum concentrations of magnesium is around 20mg/litro. The normal human needs for magnesium is around 400-600 mg per day, a value that can vary depending on environmental conditions, activity Panoramic and the establishment of the subject. This implies that even in a normal diet, even if well balanced, there could be need of magnesium, especially in conditions of high physical stress, and in presence of high temperatures, excessive perspiration and intense efforts. A lack of magnesium produces tension and muscle cramps day, especially after exercise, especially in hands and feet. Its always a deficiency can produce hypertension. Other symptoms characteristic of magnesium deficiency are: nervousness, anxiety, nervous tics and insomnia characterized by numbness regular but frequent nocturnal awakenings, leading the person to wake up tired after several hours of sleep. In contrast, its high concentration in the body, can lead to the occurrence of nausea and vomiting, hypotension, muscle weakness, breathing difficulties and irregular heart rhythm. Normally, in sport, the athlete undergoes a drop in performance that is established in an initially imperceptible (greater fatigue) but progressively until they reach the muscle cramps. An adequate intake of magnesium is therefore important to achieve optimal physical performance, but it is also true that it has never been shown that taking high doses of magnesium can somehow improve athletic performance in terms of record, indeed as high and that undue concentrations of magnesium can go in the direction opposite to that desired by the athlete, namely a decrease in athletic performance ceilings.

The Fluid Mag + Watt

This is the Fluid Mag composition (25 ml, 1 vial):
Energy value 25 kcal (106 kJ)
Protein 0
Carbohydrates 6.2 g
Fat 0
Magnesium 275 mg (92% RDA)

The product is available in packs of two vials orange flavour.


The test was long and thorough, as always we used Polar CS600 Power instrumentation, to analyze the performance of the athletes. Taking the peak hours and keeping a careful food regime we asked the athletes to provide a consistent performance on a flat ring that was equal to 85% of maximum heart rate, we also asked the athletes to develop power as constant and workout as round as possible. Unlike other tests, the testers' role was more central because we asked them to indicate the time at which the onset of cramps, or just the typical muscle pain that they anticipate, prevent to continue the test. Fed only with water first, then only with a supplement hydro saline, then with water and Fluid Mag, finally with the integrator hydro saline and Fluid Mag, we analyzed how the intake of this supplement of magnesium can affect athletic performance and especially the duration thereof. We have also conducted some tests assuming Fluid Mag gradually during training and then joining Fluid Mag to a simple supplement of carbohydrates. We then made 100 the result obtained by the athletes training with a supplement of minerals (Sali+Performance, always + Watt we previously tested) and then see the percentage increase (or decrease) in athletic performance. As said in this case it was important to the proceedings that led to the tester's time to shortening of the test. None of the testers knew what was fitting and what products in use, it was just explained to them the methodology of training and how to understand when to stop testing. Intake of Salts + Performance is always started 20 minutes before the test and the same thing happened with the fluid intake test in May with only water intake began with the test itself. We considered the performance observed with salts + Performance as equivalent to 100 and we then compared the% of improvement or deterioration in performance in other cases.

Test result

Tester---water---- Salts and Water----Only Fl.Mag and water----Salts and Fl.Mag

--- 1 ------- 75 ---------------- 100----------------- 85 --------------------------------- 140
--- 2 ------- 78----------------- 100----------------- 82---------------------------------- 135
--- 3 ------- 80----------------- 100----------------- 88---------------------------------- 143
--- 4 ------- 100---------------- 70------------------ 80---------------------------------- 130

The commentary to the test

As we can see the test showed the usefulness of the integration of magnesium, but with a series of care. First thing is to be noted that the test has noted that the introduction of magnesium did not improve the performance in absolute terms but keeps longer than the greatest individual performance in the presence of a strong sweating. Compared to previous tests conducted on hydro salt supplements (including himself Sali+Performance + Watt) there is a greater difference in performance between the integration with only water and water and minerals for the benefit of this solution . The different environmental conditions that prevailed during the test, with very high heat, put further highlight the usefulness of supplements in the presence of strong hydro salty sweats, which is already identified in previous testing. Fluid Mag intake in before athletic performance, then the associated water alone did not give great results for a number of factors. In this case, athletes have suffered from cramps, confirming the usefulness of the integration of magnesium, but taking only water has prevented the integration of carbohydrates (found in Sali+ Performance), so soon the athletes are longer able to maintain the pace of training required, not for the onset of cramps, but for the lack of energy. The best performance is achieved the union of Fluid Mag and Salts (Sali+Performance +Watt), so if one side brings out the goodness of the product Fluid May, the other shows that, in the presence of excessive sweating, it is often said that it is enough the only assumption of a generic supplement hydro saline. Indeed it may happen that the concentration of dissolved salts in the product and also its recruitment by the athlete is not sufficient to replenish the salts lost. In this sense Fluid Mag useful because it allows us to take, at one time, a significant amount of salts dissolved in the bottle leaving integrators a function of support and maintenance, as well as reinstatement of carbohydrates, which however is crucial for the best performance. We found no benefit, however, in the acquisition of the product split, or a little at a time, even the best result is to take the product before the service, about 20 minutes before the start of the test. Finally, we noted that the Fluid Mag intake then associated to a simple supplement of carbohydrates (ie only carbohydrate without salt) does not give great results with performance remains below that of taking a good supplement hydro salt complex (ie more carbs salts). In this case it seems that Fuid Mag, while performing his actions, his words soon benefit. Alone that is Fuid Mag fails to fully integrate the loss of salts in the long run, this is unnoticeable in the short-term benefits (where Fluid Mag associated with a carbohydrate supplement provides performance equal employment of a successful integration of salts more carbohydrates ), but in the long run the only Fluid Mag insufficient to ensure the proper reinstatement of minerals. Finally, the recruitment of Fluid Mag was well tolerated by all, without any problem of assimilation, another important aspect.


Fluid Mag is a good product, but specificity allows to bring out its real beneficial only under certain conditions. We are, rather, at a "second stage" of sport integration. Like any supplement does not go any faster, but keeps longer peak performance. When used in a well studied plan to integrate food excellent results, no doubt, otherwise its use could detect compartment or so (as demonstrated in the test Fluid Mag more water). But this happens with any dietary supplement. Its use seems useful in people from high sweating in high temperatures, situations in which its useful is fully emerged. Competitions of long duration (six or more hours) will be preferable to use a couple of vials: one at the beginning of the test, the other in the middle phase of the race. In conclusion, effective and well tolerated in a product whose benefits are felt when its use is planned within an integration plan food well studied.

It is suitable for

Fluid Mag can be positively used by all those who suffer from sweating or elevated train in conditions of high temperatures.


A pack of two vials costs about 3,00 Euros, not much considering its benefits.

Positive aspects

Tolerability of the product

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