Advertising +Watt Perfetto hinted at a new dietary supplement ... for this I was led to discover what it was.

In reality it is a program (or application if you prefer) that allows us to analyze what we eat and whether we are making mistakes food. Once registered the program will ask for some personal information and then we can begin to add what we eat and what to eat during the day.

The database is comprehensive and very difficult to not find your favorite dish.

Navigation is simple and intuitive.

Gradually that fit the food and the days pass, we build our food diary, noting how many calories we ingested, how much protein, how much fat and carbohydrates. Do not miss the analysis of what we should use as supplements, according to the deficiencies analyzed by the program.

In general, this program is well made, very graphic and intuitive. It would have been nice, as well as a graphical display of your food diary, even a numerical, associated with the excess or deficiency ingested, not only with regard to the three fundamental principles of food carbohydrates, proteins and lipids, as well as covers the major vitamins and minerals.

Although not a substitute for a consultation with a dietitian or nutritionist, the Watt Perfetto, you can analyze your eating style, giving the possibility (with some simulation) to make the necessary changes and analyzing which are more suitable for food supplements its diet.

A good tool, no doubt to be tested.


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