Liquid Carbo+ is a dietary supplement of carbohydrates in liquid form.

Liquid CARBO+ is a balanced solution of carbohydrates (carbs) simple and complex organism capable of providing energy at short and medium term. The product is in the form of concentrated sugar solution of excellent flavor. The action is performed by the pro-energy dextrose (short term), fructose (short and medium term) and maltodextrin (medium term). The relative amount of these carbohydrates in the product (40% maltodextrin, 32% fructose, 28% dextrose) is such as not substantially alter the blood glucose levels even after multiple assumptions (eg: 2-3 bottles of 80 cc at a time). There is no risk of reactive hypoglycemia during intense exercise and prolonged in time (usually accompanied by sudden fatigue, feelings of hunger and muscle aches). The product is particularly suitable to better deal with the last 30-40 minutes of exercise. Moreover, the constant use of the product before and after races or hard training, helps replenish muscle and liver glycogen (the fuel of our muscles). The product is also suitable for athletes involved in endurance sports whose diet should include at least 70% of calories as carbohydrates.


1. the end of intense and prolonged physical effort to maintain and support a balanced energy intake,

2. during races and workouts to counteract or prevent states of energy deficiency

3. after races and workouts to rebuild muscle glycogen stores

DOSAGE AND METHOD OF RECRUITMENT: Recruitment will be proportionate to the number of calories expended by the athlete. The product should be available and used when the athlete has the sudden drop associated with hypoglycemia. In long races is recommended a dose of 30 ml per hour of activity.

PACKING: 30 ml Brovit in red * orange and citrus flavors with caffeine * Bottle of 80 ml in red * orange flavors, citrus and kiwi / lemon. * 500 ml bottle with caffeine in flavors orange red *, citrus fruits, kiwi / lemon and mint. * Analysis with caffeine

NUTRITIONAL INFORMATION per 100 g Calories: 216 kcal (918 kJ) Protein: 0 g Carbohydrates: 54 g of which Maltodextrin: Fructose 21.5 g of which: 17.5 g of dextrose in: 15 g Fat : 0 g Caffeine (if any): 32 mg


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