An effective energy bar, but not easy assimilation by all

The Company


Watt + Company was established in 1997. The founders and current owners are Marco Favaron and Guido Vantini, reached this milestone by pharmaceutical research: both graduates with relevant experience in prestigious research institutes in Milan, in the United States, Switzerland and then in primary pharmaceutical companies. The curriculum vitae of Marco and Guido is also found in the philosophy of production + Watt, where the materials of the highest quality and each product should see the light only on the basis of scientific research bases.

Products +Watt

The range + Watt is comprehensive and wide, suitable for all sports and special needs that may go by increases in muscle mass, energy recovery, reduction of fat, etc. Rich range of energy bars and protein: Carbo+, bars with maltodextrins and fructose, New Energy, with fruit pulp and puffed rice, Fruit Energy, with dried fruit, and finally Marzaenergy +, the object of the test with almond paste.

The product on test: Marzaenergy +

Marzaenergy + is an energy bar with almonds, available in two flavours: coffee or almond. It contains a high percentage of carbohydrates. It is a bars born for trainings and competitions to long-term, over two hours, with a soft dough that ease digestion and assimilation. This is its composition:
media analysis for 100g ------------------- media analysis for a bar (40 grams)
energy value----- 340 kcal (1426 kJ )----- 136 kcal (570 kJ)
carbohydrates --- 53, 9 gr ------------------- 21, 5 gr
protein ----------- 9, 9 gr --------------------- 3, 9 gr
fat ----------------- 9, 5 gr --------------------- 3, 8 gr

The test

Unfortunately, we were given a small sample of Marzaenergy +, so we can provide only give its impressions on recruitment. The taste and texture of the product, very soft, for easy chewing, simplifying maximum ingestion. Compared to other bars in the same house has a fat content of just over, due to the presence of almonds, it determines some peculiarities. If the ingestion was very appetizing its effective assimilation may be slower than other products made with different products present in the catalogue + Watt. The assimilation, therefore, can vary greatly depending on the subject, from 20 to 40 minutes and more, this is a factor to be considered in its use. The intake of energy, is more than good, the presence of carbohydrate provides a fairly rapid reintegration of energy expenditure, while the presence of fat, to a slightly above average, allowing a sustained and lasting contribution of energy. By virtue of these characteristics, this bar is ideal to use in long races, which brings good energy and re-issued in a long time, or as a meal pre-competition, where it can be favorably taken 30-40 minutes before the competition, thus ensuring a reserve of energy available immediately at the start of the event. As always, however, given the particular formulation it is good to test it in training with the foresight to assess the tolerability to the product and the staff time of assimilation.


Marzaenerg+ has proved a particularly energy bar, to secure effective, but whose appointment must be considered carefully. It is not certain that its assimilation is rapid and tolerated by all without distinction, also the presence of fat, if you make a caloric content available in the long run, it makes it useless in its recruitment competitions, or some of these short-term. Instead, by establishing a real-time assimilation of 30-40 minutes and its effect is significant in the long races, which allows a calorie substantial and lasting. In these situations you can safely take one every hour or more depending on the caloric expenditure. For these purposes is also excellent to be taken before the start of an event of long duration, at least 30 minutes before the start, so as to ensure to have a reserve of energy. In any case, his appointment must first be tested in training in order to avoid disappointment in the race.

The price

The energy bar + Watt have a price of 1.75 Euros each, in line with other similar products.

Is suitable for

Athlete: is a product suited to the food in public long-term or long training sessions
GF cyclist-tourist: an excellent food that can be used in long exits greater profit than traditional alimentation.

Positive aspects

Adequate caloric intake
Effectiveness of the product
Product suitable for long races

Negative aspects

It may be a slow uptake in some

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