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The Company


Watt+ was established in 1997. The founders and current owners are Marco Favaron and Guido Vantini, reached this milestone by pharmaceutical research: both graduates with relevant experience in prestigious research institutes in Milan, in the United States, Switzerland and then in primary pharmaceutical companies. The curriculum vitae of Mark and Guido is also found in the philosophy of production +Watt, where the materials of the highest quality and each product should see the light only on the basis of scientific research bases.



Products +Watt

The range +Watt is comprehensive and wide, suitable for all sports and special needs that may go by increases in muscle mass, energy recovery, reduction of fat, etc. Among the tonic, in addition to the product Energy Stack, we find the product Caffeine+ and two integrators based on zinc and other principles.

The product on test: Energy Stack

Energy Stack


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