The properties of honey and its use as a dietary supplement in cycling

We thank +Watt for his product made available +Watt

Among the news for 2012 +Watts will be the new product Miele (Honey). Honey is a high-energy food, in fact, 100g of honey contains about 80g of simple sugars (sucrose 3g, 77g of glucose and fructose in almost equal measure). It gives the body energy intake in the very short (sucrose, glucose) (a few tens of seconds) and medium term (fructose) (a few tens of minutes). An important peculiarity of the new product + Watt is being made with exclusively Italian honey. The relevant certificates of analysis that characterize the different batches of honey prove the total absence of dyes, preservatives, antimicrobials, GMO and allergens. It was also ruled out the presence of pesticides, antibiotics and sulfonamides, all substances to increase the production incorrectly, to the detriment of the quality of the final product. The packs are 60 grams. The product is particularly suited to further address the 30-40 minutes of effort following its administration, with one packet per hour of activity or, alternatively, 1-2 sachets to prevent or better deal with states of crisis.