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The bars PowerBar Natural Energy 2012 maintain only the name in common with previous Natural Energy bars. The new composition is completely different from the previous and leads to a different calories intake, with more protein, more calories and fats. On the surface it seems a step backwards, but instead everything has been optimized to improved efficiency of bars themselves. Now the bar has a consistency different, more malleable. The increased intake of fat differentiates these bars made with fruit from those only with fruit. Slightly worse, but even so, the time of assimilation, in remuneration is higher caloric intake. This different composition makes it a more versatile rod suits before the race, as the races and after the race. Before the competition provides an adequate amount of carbohydrates easily absorbed as well as a good dose of protein and fat, with the latter allowing to have a reserve of energy in the long run. Given the composition is preferable to take them at least an hour before the race. However, the time of assimilation seems to be equivalent (40-60 minutes), although a higher proportion of fat recommended more time before we have available for certain energy intake. As food during the race his renewed energy intake makes good in tests of long duration, with high rates and consistent caloric expenditures. In the race the new malleable composition makes it even easier to assimilate than the previous version. The increased caloric intake can not assimilate more expanded over time, with the same caloric expenditure, or if you prefer to allow a more effective re-integration of the energy spent with the race. Also in this case, because his time of assimilation is taking them useless when there is less than an hour after the race. Maintain, then, the positive feeling of satiety, the sense of eliminating hunger. Taken regularly, and in addition to a good supplement hydro-saline, fail to provide a constant supply of energy. As finger after race, the intake of fats, proteins and carbohydrates make it a good food to replenish the energy spent in a fast during the race. Overall there are obvious differences between the two different flavours; also that no athlete has tested the product has been intolerant of, or problems of any kind in their use, regardless of type of taste. Overall, therefore, a strong evolution of the product. Now there's an easier ingestion, while the increased caloric intake meets the needs of athletes stronger, with higher caloric expenditures. For most athletes, "quiet" there is the advantage of a greater and prolonged caloric intake that avoids the need to feed with a constant frequency. For all the opportunity to use, so good, fingers even as food after the race. Finally some great bars, definitely valid.

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