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The test results

We analyzed 3 hours of training at a predetermined circuit. We have detected the times after 1, 2 and 3 hours of training, with water (100% value) that with IsoActive, noting in the latter case the percentage increase in performance.

Water 1h-2h-3h 100% -100% -100%
Amateur IsoActive 1h-2h-3h +1% +2% +3%
Isomax 1h-2h-3h +1% +2% +4%
Agonists IsoActive 1h-2h-3h +2% +4% +6%
Isomax 1h-2h-3h +3% +4% +5%

Comment The IsoActive proves to be an effective product and different from IsoMax, previously tested. In IsoMax, the presence of caffeine, allows better performance in the short term and in the presence of sweats not high. That lovers have found greater good use IsoMax. Unlike agonists, however, subjects with high and sweating, have found greater benefit IsoActive, because of the higher concentration of mineral salts. In these subjects, in the short term, the Isomax is still higher, but with each passing hour shows clearly the difference IsoActive, which allows better performance in tests of long duration and high sweats.

Conclusions The PowerBar IsoActive, therefore, has proved a very effective product and intended for long competitions, where the greater the loss of mineral salts and where the formulation dell'IsoActive is a winning and effective. The effectiveness is increased so is greater than the sweating of the athlete and the length of the competition. The price of about 18 Euro for 1,320-kg tin, is excellent.

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