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PowerBar Energize has been tested by several athletes, both as a pre-race energy bar and during the race. Its composition is nice and easy to chew, none athlete has had problems of intolerance to the product. As food before the race, was easily assimilated, no overhead and allows to approach the time of departure with a good supply of energy. For optimum performance it is good to take it one hour before the competition. Tested during long workouts and races, allows excellent integration of carbohydrate assimilation. To assimilate, is not very fast, so perfect for long-term competition, where the slow absorption allows a gradual and steady flow of energy. It must be properly planned, because, although it is fast, certainly is not the fastest in assimilation. Needless to assume when there is less than an hour at the end of the competition or just before a start of a long climb. Therefore, if well planned, allows the ingestion of carbohydrate reserves and a good base, leaving then to other, more specific and rapid assimilation, the task of further supplementation. Given that caloric intake is able to offer competition in short-term may well be the only food to be taken before the race and finish with a good supplement hydro saline. In longer races and intense, however, it may take one hour, then paired with a good gel sugar or fruit bar, quickly assimilated, a hydro saline supplement, will be the right complement of dietary supplements in the race. A good bar, in conclusion, if used with proper care and mode of application. The Euro price of about 1.35 is in line with its quality and features.