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Powerbar Natural Energy Bars is largely composed of oatmeal (35%) and dried fruit (4%), this composition, together with the use of honey, makes it very soft and easy to chew. Very good is the carbohydrate content and fat content. Positioned for the content of dietary principles halfway between the classic bars, more rich in fat and slower to assimilate, but also more rich in calories, and fruit bars, even more low-fat but also with more calories. Taken before the sporting competition PowerBar Natural Energy is easily assimilated, but with a time of assimilation longer than an only fruit bar, however, faster than a protein bar or high in calories. It takes at least 45 minutes after being taken to begin to experience its effectiveness. In general, however, has the advantage of being easily tolerated by all and have no special contraindications in its use. As food before the race is preferable, however, take an hour before the sporting performance. In this way you are sure to have well assimilated the ingredients of the product. Its easy absorption make it ideal as a food during the race. The easy to chew and the conformation of the product, never hard, for easier swallowing, chewing, allowing a rapid and effective use. The time of assimilation, short but not very contained, it would be preferable in the long-term performance where the constant flow of energy allows the effective and sustained integration of energy costs. In training sessions or competitions in which physical activity is intense it is preferable take one every hour, which can go up every two hours in the presence of performance thresholds. With this rate the only bar PowerBar Natural Energy is able to replenish the calories used during the same sporting performance. Given his time of assimilation is unnecessary to take it when there are less than an hour at the end of the race. An important and positive aspect is the feeling of satiety that they offer, eliminating the feeling of hunger. Taken regularly fail to provide a constant supply of energy, without conspicuous drop in performance. In general, therefore, a great product, as food before the race and during the race. It has a great balance between energy input and uptake rates. The price of about 1.4 Euro is in line with its quality and features.