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PowerBar Ride has been tested by several athletes, both as a food pre and after race. Its composition, with a large component of chocolate, was all tasty, excellent tolerability of the product, although not all like the back of a salty taste due to the presence of peanuts. This has meant that was always demand a generous amount of water after its ingestion. As pre-race food, even if valid in the formulation has been shown to have a very slow absorption and slow transit in the gut. The application of liquid, after it is taken, then weigh down the body and makes it very un-ready for the race. As pre-race food, therefore, not convinced us except when taken far, far away from the start of sporting performance, over two hours, but so is a bit difficult to talk about food before the race. Its advantage, as pre-race food, calorie intake is the best and a great sense of satisfaction it delivers, the disadvantage is the slow absorption. More effective was its use as food after the race, which can well replenish the energy spent. The adequate intake of carbohydrates provides an effective recovery of stocks of energy, while the proper amount of protein allows for an effective muscle recovery. The proper intake of vitamins and minerals, then complete a comprehensive and effective reintegration. In this use the slow uptake has never been a problem, while the demand for liquid, always cited for the salty taste back, allows an effective fluid replacement and possibly minerals, if you had the foresight to use a good supplement hydro-saline after the race. Finally a good bar after the race, allows a full restoration of energy costs. As pre-race food, however, has a slow absorption, to be truly effective. The Euro price of about 1:35 the finger is in line with its quality and features.