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A good sugar gel

Powerbar Gel is a gel with rapid assimilation of sugar brought in the flavours of tropical fruits, lime, vanilla, strawberry and banana, green apple with caffeine, blackcurrant with caffeine.

The package is 41 grams. The gel is made with sugar C2MAX PowerBar, a mixture of glucose and fructose in the proportion of 2:1. In this way you get increased absorption of carbohydrates from the muscles by 50% compared to a mixture of glucose alone. The PowerBar Gel is a product to be used during athletic performance, or taken dissolved in water and drinking plenty of pure water. We recommend taking a dose every 30-40 minutes.

The composition of the product:

Composition per 100 grams (strawberry banana):

Calories: 1109kJ/261Kcal

Carbohydrates: 65.0 gr

Protein: <1 gr

Fat: 0.1 gr

Dietary Fiber: 0 gr

Sodium: 0.5 gr

Potassium: 0.05 gr


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