A food supplement truly complete and easy assimilation, ideal in long time races



Isostar, a company founded in 1977 and now belongs to the group Nutrition and Saint

Netherlands and then to have its own research center. In recent years it has developed its own code of ethics (contract anti-doping) on the production of supplements that the company certifies that their products are not in any way doping, or illicit drugs, which are used for the preparation of supplements, only food that all products are tested by independent bodies and that samples are regularly analyzed and the control samples stored for one year so that the anti-doping authorities in case of disputes, can analyze.

Products Isostad

In rich Isostad catalogue are present "Cereal Max", with cereal, "Hight Energy", a product of rapid assimilation into the fruit, and "Long Energy", a food supplement made for long race. In addition to these products, remember the