An integrator which is dedicated to young people, to secure effectiveness of resistance in sports


Speaking of Gatorade is a little talk about the history of food and especially of hydro-saline. It all began in 1965, when a coach of the University of Florida asked the doctors to help him understand why many of his players were affected by disorders related to heat.

The researchers Dr. Robert Cade, Dr. Dana Shires, Dr. H. James Free and Dr. Alejandro de Queseda quickly discovered two key factors were behind the decline of physical Gator: liquids and minerals that players lost in the sweat was not returned, and the amount of carbohydrates that players were using as energy source were not supplied. So put up a new drink perfectly balanced in minerals and carbohydrates that would adequately replaced all substances Gators lost by players during the activity as a result of fatigue and sweat: was born on "Gatorade." The subsequent success of the team witnessed the validity of the new drink, which was soon adopted by many American teams, so that in 1983, Gatorade became the official drink of the NFL (National Football League), a title that still maintains today. Gatorade over time has created a major research center located in Barrington, Illinois, the Gatorade Sports Science Institute, this institution has, over the years, to develop new products suitable to different disciplines including remind Gatorade In-Car Drinking System, drink designed for drivers of cars, and the series Gatorade Performance Series, Gatorade Energy Drink, Gatorade Energy Bar and Gatorade Nutrition Shake. Over the years entered the market other competitors, despite the validity of the products remains unchanged Gatorade. Gatorade is ultimately a "piece of history of sports food."

The Gatorade range

Gatorade proposes a complete set of integrators, Gatorade Endurance Performance is an integrator saline powder dissolved in water for a long sport resistance, available in two flavours: orange and lemon. Gatorade Classic, however, is available in flavours: lemon, orange, orange-red, cool blue, lemon ice, apple green and peach. Different, then, are the packages available: 500ml, 1.000ml (available only in taste cool blue, orange red, orange and lemon) and 1750ml (available only in taste peach, orange red, orange and lemon). Then we have the Gatorade Young Strars, an integrator developed for young people aged between 8 and 12 years, always available in two flavours: orange and tropical, in packs of 330ml.

The Gatorade on test

We tested Gatorade in orange flavours. This content stated by Gatorade per 100ml of product:
Val energy 105kj (25 kcal)
protein 0 grams
carbohydrates 6 grams
fat 0 grams
sodium 50 milligrams
chloride 78 milligrams
potassium 12 milligrams
magnesium 5 milligrams
calcium 40 milligrams (equivalent, in a pack of 330ml, to 16% of the recommended daily requirement)

The dehydration in young people according to the Gatorade


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