We learn to choose the appropriate energy bars for cycling

Even if the market offer a gig choice of energy bars, we can identify three different uses: pre-race bars, race bars and after race bars. Let's see the main features and their optimal assimilation.

After race energy bars

The after race bars are those rich in protein and carbohydrates with a good dose of the first vehicles are used to rebuild muscle tissue, the second for the reconstruction of energy supplies. The protein content of these bars should be greater than 20%, with a good composition of milk proteins or eggs. The presence of chocolate, then, increase the calorie intake of carbohydrate necessary. These bars have very different calorie content, by weight and the actual composition of the product, can vary from 200 kcal to 300 kcal (approximately), a maximum of two rods will be more than sufficient for adequate reintegration of calories burned.