We learn to choose the appropriate energy bars for cycling

Even if the market offer a gig choice of energy bars, we can identify three different uses: pre-race bars, race bars and after race bars. Let's see the main features and their optimal assimilation.

Race energy bars

The on race bars should be the most easily digested, so they can immediately apply their energy. The best are made almost exclusively with fruit, so as to be easily digestible, low-fat and high carbohydrate fast-absorbing, non-cumbersome and also offer a good supply of potassium. They can be taken every half hour or an hour depending on their calorie content. Half an hour in the presence of bars only fruit and low in calories (under 200 calories), one every hour for bars with fruit and a small portion of grains (more than 200 calories per bar). Obviously it is useless to take energy bars, of any kind, when there are less than thirty minutes at the end of the competition.