We learn to choose the appropriate energy bars for cycling

On the market today there are an infinite variety of energy bars, of all brands and all tastes. The variety and amount of the offer is increased to equal the demand by cyclists up to create some confusion about what the most appropriate energy bar to be used in cycling.

If the increase in supply can lead to some doubt, it is also true, however, that the tender allows us to choose the best energy bar for the specific use of time, maximizing its positive effects, minimizing the adverse effects and allowing improved performance of other forms of gender integration. Today we can divide the energy bars into two main categories: energy bars and protein bars, in turn, in these two categories there are a number of specific products: fruit energy bars, energy bars with malt dextrin, protein bars (with percentages of protein from 5 to 30%), special bars lactose-free or 100% natural. Energy bars usually weigh about 34-45 grams each, depends from product to product, while some cases are made of extra sizes 80-90 grams (often referred to as "Big Bar"), which differ only in the more dimensions. In most cases, the bars are made with a mix of components, such as fruit, cereal, milk, eggs and chocolate, of course, the more of a product or the other will lead to a greater or lesser amount of calories, more or less rate of assimilation, a higher or lower percentage of protein or carbohydrates. The fruit leads to a healthy dose of carbohydrates, easily digestible, low-fat and reduced calorie intake. The various grains, however, increased caloric intake and presence of complex carbohydrates to slow assimilation. The milk and eggs improve the percentage of protein. Chocolate increases caloric intake and fat. The various flavours, then serve to facilitate the assimilation of the product and make it palatable. Also important is the energy bar consistency, there are more or less hard, but it is preferable to give priority to softer ones that offer the advantage of easier swallowing. The bars offer a more natural and better tolerability digestibility, while the lactose-free bars are indicated for those who are intolerant to that food.