With +Watt we tested the effectiveness of its product Nitrowatt Pre Workout


Pre Workout Nitrowtt of +Watt has proven to be an effective product.

As with all dietary supplements do not clearly maximizes the performance, but allows the athlete to better express their potential. In particular, we noted that the best use of both the pre-race Nitrowatt, that regular intake of three tablets a day from 5 days before the race, to finish the race day itself which should be consumed 60 minutes before beginning of heating (and not the race). Major assumptions in no way improve athletic performance. The advantage lies in its assumption that improved efficiency of the heating phase that allows a better and easier to athletic performance in the first minutes of the race. In these first 30-40 minutes you can be the fastest, but above all you will get slightly higher performance with a lower heart rate and a lower anaerobic work, followed by less accumulation of lactic acid. This advantage gained, then, remains throughout the athletic performance and, in some cases, could be decisive. Much of course depends on the type of competition and the development thereof. You get the greatest benefit in a "ready-go" as a stopwatch or a nervous city tour, in all those trials where it runs from the first meters at most. Its efficacy is however almost nothing when starting up and the rhythm grows only in the final stages of the competition. Obviously, its use is to be integrated and combined with adequate planning of training, warming up and the supply and integration before the race, so they can reap the full benefits.