With +Watt we tested the effectiveness of its product Nitrowatt Pre Workout

The test methodology

To evaluate the effectiveness of different athletes Nitrowatt we submitted to the same workout. After a twenty minute warm-up phase was carried out a test limit of 30 minutes.

The athletes have first carried out for three weeks, the heating and testing ceiling without supplement (A), then performed the same test taking regular Nitrowatt (B), and finally took a placebo and performed the same cycle of heating and test (C). In all cases, it was first performed a standard test, with heating for 20 minutes and test ceiling of 30 minutes, to verify the performance of the athlete. This value was considered as 100, or 100% performance of the athlete himself, in subsequent tests, it was considered the difference in performance compared to the initial test. We then analyzed the differences in performance between the different phases that have taken place over several days, even to verify the effectiveness and side effects of the product after a long recruitment.

The test result

A -------- 1st week - 2nd week - 3rd week

Athlete 1 -- 100-------101-------102

Athlete 2 -- 100-------100-------101

Athlete 3 -- 100-------102-------103

B -------- 1st week - 2nd week - 3rd week

Athlete 1 -- 101-------102-------103

Athlete 2 -- 101-------100-------103

Athlete 3 -- 102-------103-------105

C -------- 1st week - 2nd week - 3rd week

Athlete 1 -- 101-------101-------102

Athlete 2 -- 100-------102-------101

Athlete 3 -- 100-------101-------102

Analysis of test

As you can analyze the differences are minor, but nonetheless significant. During the period we where heating was preceded Nitrowatt of commencing the next test ceiling has always given better results. This is because, despite having made the same heating cycle, and this was more effective in the first minutes of the next test all athletes were more ready, with muscles and legs warm and ready to make a difficult test. The difference has emerged mainly in the central and final phase of testing where the athletes have gained the advantage over other tests. This happened because of the lower formation of lactic acid that has allowed the athletes to maintain their high performance. The lower formation of lactic acid was certainly supported by better oxygenation of the muscles, provoked by nitric oxide. The overall improvement in performance during the three weeks of testing, but is due solely to the improvement of training and not a longer time to assimilate the product. In fact, even the athletes who did not take supplements before the test, however, have improved their performance during the three weeks. This means that higher doses and at the recommended dose or continued for a long time do not allow for better performance. Finally, the control group with placebo, has provided similar services to the group that did not take any supplement.


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