In conclusion we can say that it is important to choose a hypotonic drink for use during exercise, leaving isotonic drinks to long-term performance or integration before the race.

It's clear that the hypertonic drinks can be used only at the end of sports performance. Ultimately it is possible to draw the following recommendations:

- Reintegration of fluids and salts should always be proportionate to the amount of sweat output

- Drink before a long athletic performance delays the onset of the crisis hydro saline

- Drink after athletic performance, increases the ability to quickly replenish the lost fluids

- In the absence of a high perspiration is sufficient to drink only natural water

- In the absence of the provision of long-term it is better to drink before and after the performance but not during

- The best restoration is achieved with hypotonic drinks

- It's important to verify the drink contains the main electrolytes lost in sweat : sodium , chlorine, magnesium and potassium



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