As we have seen in previous articles is always advisable to increase the intake of water when you have intense sweating.


The intake of fluids before and during exercise helps to reduce and delay the onset of dehydration, equally important is the restoration of water and salts lost at the end of athletic performance. But if the integration of water is always necessary to include salts is appropriate where sweat losses are very important. In such situations drinks hydro hypotonic saline before and during athletic performance, and at the end of hypertonic sports performance, allow for effective reintegration of liquids and salts lost. Must be considered is that all supplements also contain a hydro saline concentration of sugars. An excessive concentration of sugars can cause a slowing of gastric emptying, leading to a delay in the absorption of fluids, also a high concentration of sugar also causes a recall of water from the blood to the intestinal lumen, resulting in the opposite effect to that desired. In the latter situation will see a hight plasma concentration resulting in retention of liquid rather than a loss in the physiological sweat and this will lead to a loss of ability to disperse body heat through the sweat.



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