Analysis of the integration Hydro saline need to consider that you may have a reduction in physical efficiency when you're already lost a lot of sweat that is only 2% of their body weight.

Considering that in certain situations we get to lose more than 30 grams of sweat per minute is clear that the integration of fluid becomes very important. For shorter workouts, even in the presence of a high perspiration, we can consider that the proper nutrition to provide us with the needed requirements to withstand the test liquid; different discourse at a time when we face a long workout or a race, it becomes important to correct integration of fluids and minerals lost. It is important to understand that we can divide the assimilation of salts in three different stages: before the race, during the race, after the race. For each of these stages corresponds to a different absorption of liquids. Let's talk about liquids and not of plain water, not because this is not good, in fact it is the first and best source of fluid replacement. In the sport, however, we must not only worry about replenish lost fluids but also the minerals and if possible also a part of the sugar burned to create energy. For these reasons, it is preferable to use a supplement hydro saline, rather than just plain water.


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