The integration hydro saline is of great importance in all sports and even more so in those sports of long duration, where sweating is greatest.

Even more important hydration plays in those sports where endurance is not easy to reintegrate. It seems clear, in fact it is one thing to play a sport such as tennis, with breaks and a place to recover and rest, another is that the rider must bring what he needs, and then passed on to any points restore, for lovers, and refueling in races for professionals. The difference is clear, in the first example, we can set up in the sport took a refreshment with every type of food, that we will choose based on conditions and preferences of the moment. In the second sport, cycling, we will have a very clear choice before the start of the race and then you can not change it. Therefore a better understanding of the products that we use, we're going to the effort and support of our athletic ability. The loss of fluids during exercise is through perspiration, which is engaged in the thermal regulation of the body, as well as being a means of eliminating toxins produced by physical activity. Infact sweat, which is produced by glands sweat, consists of water and salts (mainly sodium, potassium, magnesium, chlorine), but also of lactic acid and urea. The concentration of electrolytes in the sweat is not fixed but varies with the speed with which it is emitted from glands sweat; faster the secretion of sweat, the higher the concentration of sodium and chlorine , while the concentration of magnesium and potassium tends to decrease. Sodium and chlorine are then the two electrolytes that are lost as a result of more abundant sweating.



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