What is it, what is real and its effectiveness in cycling

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The HMB has shown its effectiveness, but not its absolute superiority and indispensability as a food supplement.

In untrained athletes allows for faster performance improvements, while well-trained athletes increased performance is truly minimal, often zero, but not so significant as to indicate the HMB as the manager of performance improvement. Little if anything its effectiveness in weight loss, as well as its effectiveness when it is associated with a specific training. In fact, the athletes, who for various reasons, were unable to complete the cycle of athletic training at the end, despite continued to take the HMB, have not had any performance increase. In cycling, its utility is more than relevant in athletic training because it allows a small increase in endurance performance that allow larger workloads and greater effectiveness of the training itself. This translates, then, in higher performance in the race, in which even one second advantage is crucial. Its effectiveness and usefulness seems so obvious, but only for athletes who play competitive sport and follow scientific training programs, otherwise the usefulness of integration is very minimal if any. About his assumption is correct dose of 38 mg for body weight to be taken in two doses before and after training. Higher doses did not reveal different effects, as well as different timing of recruitment. Regarding the period of employment that should be between 6 and 8 weeks before an important race, during which you must combine a proper diet and a science and athletic training program based on race. Other uses dell'HMB seem totally unnecessary and harmful for the body.