One of the most important new elements of the next edition of the Granfondo Campagnolo Roma is the idea of the “Imperiale, the Appian Way”, for all heroic cycling fans. The cycle is reserved for pre-1987 bikes and cyclists wearing vintage gear. It will cover the same route as In Bici ai Castelli, from Rome to Albano and back, but with an exciting difference: the last part runs along the Ancient Appian Way, on the same route that was once used to end the Giro del Lazio for professionals. The parade of late nineteenth and twentieth century cyclists from the promises to be a unique show in a city like Rome which, evokes history like no other city in the world, in this case the history of the bicycle and of cycling.


How did “L’Imperiale – The Appian Way” come about? According to Gianluca Santilli, president of the organizing committee “we carried out a little experiment during the last edition when we gave a group of vintage cyclists the opportunity to open the proceedings at the head of the 5,000 participants. There was great curiosity among spectators and among the other cyclists who saw with their own eyes how these, often antique, bikes were still well able for any terrain. Vintage cycling is not a fad, it’s the rediscovery of a past which is very important for today’s sport. Those bikes are the fruit of the labour of industries and ??? who developed an ancient vehicle which continues to be updated and improved. Given last year’s success, it seemed natural to arrange to have a representation of the Giro d’Italia d’Epoca present at the Granfondo Campagnolo Roma”


We, at the Giro d’Italia d’Epoca were delighted to accept last year’s invitation – explained Michela Piccioni, vice president of the Giro d’Italia d’Epoca – Rome is an amazing city and it’s a fantastic opportunity to be able to take heroic cycling to the streets of the Eternal City, including the whole Appian Way. It’s a gift to all the enthusiasts who practice this sport which is both culture and passion. Just think: vintage together with modern, this will show that cycling can be a healthy sport, which is accessible to everyone, in every age. This union with the Granfondo Campagnolo Roma is wonderful, especially because it’s all happening against the spectacular backdrop of the Colosseum, Roman Forum and some of the best known and loved monuments in the world”.


Vintage cycling enthusiasts, their values, bikes and costumes attract ever more curiosity and admiration: “Everyone who loves cycling is invited to the Granfondo Campagnolo Roma – said Gianluca Santilli – with modern, hi-tech bikes, with e-bikes, urban bikes, folding bikes, city bikes and mountain bikes. We are delighted to offer all of them the magnificent scenery of Rome, the Castelli Romani and three full days of shows and events at the Village at the Baths of Caracalla. An experience to treat yourself to during this cycling season



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