Various stars of the peloton will participate in the ninth edition of the Tour de San Luis. But some new teams will also join the Argentinian race, as for instance Inteja MMR from the Dominican Republic that was conceived by rider Diego Milán.

The team supported by businessman Rafael Tejada is composed out of eight riders. Six of them will ride the 2015 Tour de San Luis: Adderlyn Cruz, William Guzmán, Rubén Menéndez, Israel Nuño, Joaquín Sobrino and Diego Milán.

"We are a new team, composed out of good people and supported by a whole country. It is thus normal that the organisation invited us. The Dominican Republic has never been in such a great cycling event,” said Milán, the star of the team.


"It is satisfying for us to know that the team moves forward after a lot of work. And making our debut at the Tour de San Luis means that everything has gone better than expected,” pointed out the rider who was born in Spain and was naturalised Dominican. He has a considerable experience after having ridden for Nicolás Mateos (2006-2007), Acqua&Sapone (2008-2009), Caja Rural (2011) and Team Differdange.


Despite being a modest team, they will never stop dreaming. That is why they are really struggling to be in good shape on the 19th of January, for the opening stage of the 2015 Tour de San Luis. "We do not feel any pressure for the race. We are a modest squad in comparison to many others and we also are a new team. We will do our best: trying to surprise the other riders in the breakaways or working for our specialists during the hilly and sprint stages,” said Milán.


"If the training is good, everything is possible in cycling. We will ride with humility and we want to make a good impression in order to thank the organisation for their invitation. We know that it is the first race in a long season, but we will try to succeed as much as possible,“ emphasised the 29-year-old cyclist born in Albacete (Spain).


Latin America's greatest cycling race is the best starting point for Inteja, a squad that will also take part in other important races during the season: "San Luis is a renowned race in America and it is even more important for us as we will make our debut there,” explained its leader. “After that, we will ride La Vuelta Independencia Nacional República Dominicana at home, and afterwards we will take part in some races in Spain. We also want to participate in the Volta a Portugal. For our team, all the races have the same importance and we will do our very best in every single competition.”


The birth of Inteja is good news for cycling because it implies some job opportunities: “We have a very close relationship with Spain and we will ask two young Spanish riders to join the team to complete the last part of the season,” he said. “In Spain, the young riders are suffering the lack of teams and I think that we could help them in this sense. We currently work together with two Spanish teams: Construcciones Paulino (from Asturias) and Gomur-Cantabria."


It is not a secret that the nice weather and the beauty of the landscape are two of the great attributes of San Luis Province. Milán is aware of that: “It will be my first time in Argentina. My colleagues who have participated in the race told me the same: it is a fantastic place to begin the season.”




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