Concluded the season many wonder how and if it is right to stop playing days and what sports to play in place of the bike. In reality things are, as always, a bit more complex than a superficial analysis could understand.

The period of rest, defined as absolute rest and without any motor activity, is closely tied to the season just past, the physical condition of the athlete and future programs. In fact, we consider an optimal time to rest completely for two weeks, it is true that this time can be reduced to one week or extended to four weeks. The actual period of rest period should be calculated after a careful analysis of the season just ended, analyzing performance, peak shape and how long the athlete was able to stay at peak performance and obviously it must also analyze future season and more precisely the period when the athlete will be in a position to deliver the best athletic performance this is where careful planning can lead, for better or for worse, throughout the season to come. In case if you want to achieve good form already at the first race of what it must necessarily have a rest period of no more than a week, otherwise you'll end up late then prepared. Indeed in this case the athlete would be a good idea to shut early in the season, made two weeks off and then to resume the preparation for the next season. May be valid even resolve a peak in short form in the final stage of the season, followed by a week off and then a new set of exercises ahead of the competition the following year. In the case of a final season of a good standard and quite long it is preferable to perform two-week break and then back in shape in the first half of the season. If there is found a principle of over-training is, however, preferable to increase to three weeks of rest and simultaneously delay the return to competition. Who has played a final season can perform intense three weeks of rest, always bearing in mind that the return to competition is not done to the immediate opening of the season, who, however, after an intense season, especially the ending, and long, wants to return to form very late in the season, may go even to 4 weeks of rest. Of course you should also consider the specific resilience of the athlete, often there are athletes who recover their strength with relative ease, others more slowly, the first may shorten the period of rest, while the latter will need more time. If in a week or two stops of the total rest is highly recommended in any case, when you pass that value, however, we must also consider the possibility of active recovery, ie a phase where the bicycle is left playing an other sport, not strenuous, but can improve and speed up recovery time and simultaneously prepare your body to return to the toughest workouts. Swimming and jogging, low intensity events are the best tools, to that effect, training more than an hour, with a rate of three or four workouts a week, to be held in the eventual third and fourth weeks of rest. The heart rate not exceed 60-70% of maximum heart rate and is a good idea to finish the workout with a good session of stretching. In these two weeks, then, are excellent in combination with the above, and possibly even a massage Electrostimulations that promote recovery and muscle misalignment, in both cases you can play two or three sessions per week. Massage and electrotherapy can be performed effectively and profitably in the weeks of complete rest, always with a frequency of three sessions a week, and may be accompanied by a sauna per week, recommended to those who tend to have a slow metabolism. In recent weeks food can be as varied and, while not exceed, you can leave some "gluttony" that you will give later, the important thing is to avoid significant weight gain. This way you will be able to recuperate, whistles and mental, that will allow us to tackle a new season of training and competitions.