The standing starts in cycling workout is one of several practices that improve explosive power and strength in general.

According to the goals we want to reach, the training methodology we focus attention on improving the overall strength of the pure explosive strength or the resisting force. If we execute the standing starts on the flat for a few hundred meters, will train more explosive power and ability to make good sprint, but if we will make the standing starts uphill for several hundred meters, we will improve absolute strength and resistant. The drag force, then we can improve it even in the plains with long repeated.

Takes up drive uphill is better to train on a steady climb with a gradient varying from 4 to 6%.

First, it is important to choose a long gear, as long as possible in the flats, then 53/11 or 53/12 or 50/11 or 50/12, according to the bike, takes up drive in up the ratio to be used must be chosen according to the slope of the hill and to your physical abilities, the important thing is to push the gear as long as possible to enable us to push hard on the pedals without reaching ever higher frequencies of pedalling, never exceeded the 50 RPM .

Another important aspect is to clarify the time when we do "Standing starts cycling", if carried out at the beginning of the training session, in the middle or the end. Depending on the various sessions will try to improve absolute strength (first part), the resisting force (especially the second part and third part); positioning the standing starts in the latter part of training our bodies get used to express high levels of strength despite fatigue and lactic acid.

The training starts from standstill to the first part of training, may be concomitant and precede the FSR which we have already spoken.


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