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How to face the winter and go riding in the cold and rain

The most important part to get out well in cycling during the winter is clothing. In this case the products have to be chosen carefully, because a quality product will allow us to ride for a long time in warm and dry well.

The shoes

For shoes are popular shoe covers, waterproof ones to be preferred, which protect quite well by the dampness. Far more effective are, however, winter shoes, which provide a more practical and better thermal comfort. Even in this case is to be preferred models with waterproof and breathable. Even with the road bike is best in winter use MTB shoes because they provide a better grip on the ground that prevents slips easily, even with stopping the bike. Among the shoes is always preferable to choose those with fluorescent colours, or with suitable reflective material inserts.

The socks

The socks should be specific for the winter time, thick but breathable fabric. The important thing is that no condensation occurs in contact with the foot, this will cool the body giving an unpleasant feeling cold and reduces the blood circulation. Effectiveness and usefulness of the various heating insoles.

The bib

Bib should be chosen for a model that covers the torso well, with a heavy fabric, but still breathable, you have thicker at the front and thinner in areas less exposed to the cold. So you can ride better. Better to choose a model waterproof and breathable fabric, so as to be better protected from damp or wet air. If you train in the rain should choose a model 100% waterproof, fully seam welded or taped. Alternatively you can also wear a second waterproof bib overlay to a classic. If the product is well made (elastic, waterproof and breathable) you can ride in comfort and without any discomfort for the double bib. Important, then, that there are inserts to improve the visibility passive.


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