Let's see how we can make properly and profitably a little time to train

Although today there are all the equipment that you can practice on the road in winter, it is said that the various work commitments allow us this option. The time tyrant is always the first obstacle to overcome and often, not for his own will, is truly unsurpassed. When you have one hour to devote you may prefer an indoor training, rather than ride a bicycle in the dark and cold.

On the other hand, we must make a virtue of necessity and it is important to continue to training with the right method, well knowing your limits. There is no magic recipe is the training that allows us to better our performance, but training takes time, long time, if we do not have time we must play in defense and try to get the most out of what we can do. In two total hours of training a week, then we will try to maintain good physical shape, working to not gain weight, maintain good cardiac efficiency, basic prerequisite for good performance, looking to improve athletic performance. Under these conditions, rather than think of the metric development or cadence, better focus on heart rate, knowing that the commitments and efforts of the work have a determining influence on the ability to reach certain heart rates. The important thing is to give the maximum you can give on that day. Then, set up a training program twice a week for a cycle of 4 months in order to find the arrival of warm weather in the best possible conditions to resume cycling. The exercise is based only on heart rate expressed in % of maximum heart rate, cadence selection, gears and of resistance force of the roller are free. In the first month we will focus on the activity with a general conditioning workout more intense and slightly more anaerobic and aerobic one. Over the next months will consolidate the progress made improving aerobic capacity, endurance and anaerobic conditions.

1st Month

1st week

1st training