Given the many doubts on the subject, with the incorrect use of the cardio monitor and the improper use of your data, let's include what is the proper use of cardio monitor, how to properly use its data and what is the proper frequency of training.

In fact, these issues have already been addressed, but in this article we will look to make a small handbook of practical ready to use.

First of all, it's good to know your maximum heart rate, to do this it is better to run an EKG under stress, an alternative calculation 220 - age is a correct value for maximum security.

So it is good to set your heart rate monitor on your maximum heart rate or electrocardiogram detected.

At this point it is best to set the display of the heart rate of your heart rate monitor on "view% MAX HR snapshot".

Now see on our cycle computer the instantaneous heart rate in% of MAX HR.

If we have a MAX HR 200 and we see the value of 80% means that we have 160 beats per minute.

Now then here are the correct values for a good and healthy workout:
Heating: 50-65% Max HR
Training: 75-85% Max HR
In climbs very difficult and for a short time: 90% of Max HR
In climbs very, very difficult and very quickly: 95% Max HR
BETTER not reach 100% of MAX HR!

In general it is better that the training focuses on the band 75-85% of HR MAX, leaving sporadic cases higher heart rates that may expose us to risks of heart especially near 100% of maximum heart rate.

Better fun bike than risk a heart attack!

These recommendations apply to all non-professional users, because, obviously have their medical professionals and their coach who will advise the best, adapting from day to day values ​​to the physical conditions of the moment.

It's clear that the matter is very complex and it is better not to play on these subjects, let
alone to follow the counsel of "wizards" of the moment.

The important thing is to have fun and feel good, at Bar bragging of their cycling performance is certainly not worth our lives ....


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