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Traditional: It is now disused among amateurs, but used by professionals, has good depth and height and then allows you to find a good aerodynamic position in the handle with his hands low.

Shallow: is characterized by a sharp turn with reduced height and depth, it is ideal for those with small hands, so athletes of short stature.

Deep: can also have other names depending on the manufacturer and are characterized by a high depth and height. In addition to athletes of great stature, their use is indicated for the track.

Anatomical: conformation of the curve does not follow a perfect circle, but a line that allows the palm of your hand have better grip on the low grip. Some of these curves have three well-defined and then allow only a well-determined position of the hands. The better the anatomical folds with multiple profiles, have the characteristic of a continuous curve but with different radii, which allows for a uniform ground of the palm of their entire length.

Compact: are characterized by reduced height and depth, this leads to a more comfortable ride at the expense of aerodynamics, when using the handle low.

Wing: they have a flattened top and aerodynamic, you must try it because it is not always easy to adapt to the support plan offering.