Time Trial/Triathlon Saddles

Who plays these sports activities needs to introduce a specific seat, with a shorter tip well padded and some rougher surface so as to retain the right buttock and stop the optimum position.

Saddles time trial may have minimal cushioning, while those from triathlon, in contrast, should have good padding to compensate for the lack of a specific clothing for cycling.

Full Carbon saddle

Are the most expensive and light, they are also far more comfortable than many heavier saddles and generous padding. Need to be combined with excellent caps, suitable for people who have no problems with pain in the genital.


As we have seen there is no perfect seat in absolute terms because the saddle itself interacts with the bike that is adopted, the driving position, the clothing of the rider (the pad used), style of riding and physical and anthropometric the subject. A good saddle, then, should be chosen after a careful analysis of your needs, a careful self-criticism (which pad we use? What is our riding position?) And also an analysis of their physical conditions that contribute significantly to make us prefer one model saddle from another. Never as in the case of the saddle can not be an absolute opinion, even on materials or price, but every seat is a case in itself, although we now have the tools to identify, among the thousands of proposals, which is a saddle that better than other corresponds to our needs.


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