The saddle for woman

The woman has to be directed towards a specific seat for women. These have a wider rear, in proportion to the increased breadth of the pelvis in women. Then you can choose the seat you prefer.

The Mtb saddle

The Mtb saddle is essentially identical to that road, but are preferred seats with a back slightly wider and with more padding to absorb shocks better soil. Also why is better to have a good system of vibration absorption, preferring reliability then the weight.

Selle anti prostate/anti compression of the perineum

This is a common problem and depends on many factors. For the saddles is good to choose a model with the back wide, to support the right buttock, and a good central hole which must be as broad and as long as possible. Preferable, then, a good gel padding and a good suspension system that isolates vibration. The hull must then be flexible in the middle, and as having an anatomical profile. This is true even for women who often suffer from compression of the genitals, the market there are several models with holes Lady decompression.