The coating: the coating can be plastic, natural leather or Lorica. The plastic is the worst because it creates high perspiration and is very slippery, it is used for cheap products.

The leather is a great material, breathable, not particularly slippery. Today is emerging also Lorica, who despite being a synthetic product, ensures breathability, lightness and durability superior to natural leather. Besides these coatings basis, each company has developed its own tissues with characteristics similar to the Lorica anyway.

The choice of Coating: in this case the coating synthetic materials should be avoided because they sweat and are very slippery. The best leather is the best quality. Breathable holds good buttock, but easy moving, has the drawback of rapidly consumed. The coating Lorica outweighs the latter defect and can be considered the best compromise between all the different needs (breathability, durability, cost and smooth and flowing). The smooth surface of the saddle is important for an effective workout, especially the border must be smooth, while the central part can be rougher to better hold the body.


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