Padding: the padding is made of soft material, foam, rubber or gel. The gel is better because it allows a softer contact between the buttock and the hull, even after several hours.

Every Company has its own recipe for the gel. Important is also the thickness of, but attention has not said a high thickness corresponds to a high degree of comfort. Foams and gels allow high-quality performance with considerable thicknesses much reduced. Often, however, using very thick hide for their high quality, not the upholstery material.

The choice of Padding: for stuffing are considered obsolete the traditional foam at various intensities, better cushioning gel. Among these are preferable to those that are not arranged in a uniform manner but based on different areas of support. So those that have a thicker gel in the rear, a tip and sides, leaving the central part of the lower order to achieve a natural decompression of private parts.


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