We could say that it took us 110 years to conceive of this bike


The new Zero.6 celebrates 110 years of us

Depart from Bassano del Grappa our adventure. It was 1906. In 110 years we have been protagonists and spectators of political, social and industrial unprecedented. 110 years that have seen our frames turn into a continuous evolution. An evolution that in 2016 reached a very important milestone for us: creating Zero.6. We could say that it took us 110 years to conceive of this bike. A lightweight racing frame, unique, elegant, technologically superior. Only 680 grams of weight, produced in 200 numbered copies, accompanied by a prestigious writing object.


680 grams: a frame that challenges the boundaries of possibility

It is not difficult to eliminate 100 grams from a standard chassis. We have done many times over the years. If we must take 100 grams of a frame that weighs less than 800, the going gets really tough, if not impossible. We are talking about almost a 15% of the total weight. All this has been possible by exploiting two years of research, testing and road tests. A new carbon fiber called DIALED ™ produced by Mitsubishi Japan mixed with a new production process has enabled us to reach this target weight. But the biggest challenge has been to combine lightness with excellent handling and drivability for our products are famous in the world. Not only research on the weight, but also on the production process and the constructional details of the frame. Zero.6 is available with a single matt carbon finish, shiny decals and copper accents, net recall the iconic color of the first bicycles in Wilier Triestina steel. Also, how to sign the entire project 110th anniversary, the front fork will place the logo created specifically for this commemorative project. Zero.6 will be prepared and offered to the public with top of the range Campagnolo, Shimano and Sram.

Wilier Triestina and Montegrappa: a collector's union

Who will get their hands on one of the 200 examples of Zero.6, receive a valuable item from Montegrappa writing. Centenarian mark of Bassano del Grappa, Montegrappa pens are one of the most famous and prestigious companies that produce for writing jewels. Pen Miya Carbon honored with Zero.6 is a special edition, created specifically to celebrate our 110th anniversary. A union from then collection, produced in limited edition, in order to exalt the values that have propelled us and Montegrappa pens on top of the world of high manufacturing scene.