I respond to all who ask me in private a number of personal considerations on bikes that I test, unfortunately you are in many (thanks!) and I can not answer at all. Fortunately, you do all the same questions .... To which I answer gladly:

I would buy this bike and why?
Sure, it is a good bike, I like its comfort combined with its performance
Defects? basically none
What would you change? Certainly the saddle
What upgrades would you do? Would remove the groupset Ultegra Di2
It's a bike suits races? Certainly yes.
Is its performance competitive? Absolutely.
What is the main advantage of Wilier than direct competitors? Its overall performance
I want the bike with the best price/performance ratio, is Wilier okay? Sometimes Wilier offer some cheap ideas that are unique; the list price of the bike is a good choice, easy to get worse, and to find better you must go to lesser-known Trademarks.