Trek Bicycle has unveiled the latest generation of the Madone 6 and 7 Series, the pinnacle of the US bike company's road racing lineup. Featuring a lighter fuselage than any of its predecessors, the new Madone frame features improved ride quality and increased braking performance on the revolutionary brake design that debuted in 2012.


At a feather-bending 725 grams, the new Madone's frame has been re-engineered to further push the legendary ride quality for which the Madone platform is known. The design retains industry-leading aerodynamics thanks to Kammtail Virtual Foil tube shaping on the frame and fork. KVF minimizes drag using a truncated airfoil shape. The virtual tail of the airfoil bends to respond to the angle of the most common crosswinds, significantly reducing drag in the real world, where it matters most. The fork's ride-tuned sweep increases compliance for greater comfort, and unique molded carbon dropouts reduce weight and optimize the wheelbase. The brakes, integrated into the frame for minimum drag and maximum efficiency, save weight by eliminating the need for mounting plates and bolts. The new edition of the Madone chain stays have been redesigned to increase braking power and provide better overall ride feel.


"We've been pushing the boundaries of weight and ride quality for ten years with the Madone,” said Trek Road Product Manager Ben Coates. "The latest generation continues on that tradition with significant improvements of its predecessor while retaining all of the qualities that riders love.”


Available now through Trek retailers worldwide in stock colors, as well as Trek's revolutionary Project One customization program, the new Madone's color and spec combinations are virtually limitless. RADIOSHACK LEOPARD TREK will ride a special edition of the new Madone 7 awash in the "Leopard Blue" that has graced the team's uniforms over the past two seasons. This special edition color is available for consumers today via Project One in both Madone and Domane. The team will be armed with the new Madone as well as the Spring-Classics-dominating Domane and Speed Concept as they take aim at the 100th edition of cycling’s grandest tour.





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